GasAir specialises in the supply and installation of Samsung air conditioning. Samsung has been a household name for decades, but since the brand began producing air conditioners back in 1980, they have been helping consumers to keep cool around the world.

The Samsung Air Conditioning Range:

When considering Samsung air conditioning, Perth consumers will find that like many popular manufacturers, the brand offers a wide selection of systems in both split system and ducted options. This diversity allows you to enjoy an air conditioning solution tailored to the specific needs of your home and your unique personal preferences. Throughout the range, it is obvious that Samsung takes pride in offering efficient and effective solutions to provide the best standard of quality for home and business owners. The models are designed to save space without compromising on economy or performance.

Samsung Innovations:

Samsung is known as a leading innovator throughout the electronics industry, but this has never been more apparent when you look at the clever design of Samsung air conditioning systems. With smart features, Samsung products ensure that not only can you enjoy the optimum comfort level inside your home or business, but it is convenient and easy to use.
One of the smartest features of Samsung air conditioners is that you can use your smartphone to remotely control many features of your system. This means that you can enjoy the flexibility of controlling your system even if you are not even in the house. All that is required is a compatible smartphone with a WiFi connection or internet access and the Samsung App. This will enable you to adjust many aspects of your system including the fan speed, the timer, quiet mode and daylight cooling. You would no longer need to worry that you left the air conditioner running when you left the house, as you can check the temperature inside your home and turn off the system remotely.

Total Comfort:

The Samsung range has a number of features to not only save energy, but ensure that you enjoy optimum comfort. This includes a sleep mode, which is designed to automatically adjust the settings when you are sleeping and when you wake. There is also a D’Light mode, which measures the humidity and temperature in the room. The system assesses the readings, and it continues to dehumidify the air even if the desired temperature has been reached in order to attain the optimum comfortable index level. Should the temperature or humidity level change, the system will make adjustments automatically. This can be particularly handy during the balmy summer months, when you may have difficulty sleeping. D’Light will allow you to enjoy the optimum comfort level, so you can wake feeling well rested.

The GasAir team has expertise in the installation of Samsung air conditioning. Perth consumers can also rest assured that we can also assist with all aspects of Samsung air conditioning service and repair. For further details about the Samsung air conditioning range, speak to a member of our team today.