The first Panasonic air conditioning unit was sold in 1958, and in the intervening years, this brand has gone from strength to strength. The brand now offers an extensive range of air conditioners to ensure that you can find a system perfectly suited to the unique requirements of your home. With innovative features and efficient performance, it is easy to see why Panasonic are one of GasAir’s recommended brands.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Innovations:

The Panasonic EcoNavi technology is designed to reduce wasted energy for efficient performance. The technology uses the Human Activity Sensor intelligent system to adjust the temperature of the room based on movement. If there is no movement detected, the temperature is automatically reduced until the system detects movement in the room when the temperature is readjusted. This saves power when a room is unoccupied.
Another innovation on Panasonic air conditioning units is Sunlight Detection. This feature senses the level of sunlight and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The system can detect whether it is night or day, or if it is cloudy or sunny outside. For example, when your air conditioning is on if the unit senses that it has become cloudy, the temperature will automatically increase slightly to compensate for the reduction in sunshine.

Designed to Suit Australian Conditions:

Australia has unique conditions that can put a strain on air conditioning units from lesser brands. However, Panasonic air conditioning systems are designed for optimum performance in our climate. Even if it reaches a scorching 46ºc, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable with your Panasonic air conditioning. Perth home or business owners will find that this range has an amazing operating temperature range.
This is achieved with a number of unique features such as the inclusion of Blue Fin Condensers. These have a special anti rust coating, which triples the anticipated lifespan of the condenser unit, as it protects the condenser from the harsh environmental elements like wind, dust, and salty air.
Panasonic air conditioner units ensure that you can enjoy cleaner and healthier air. The air flow system includes nanoe-G air purification that can trap ions, fine particles, and microorganisms. This can reduce the presence of viruses, mould spores, and bacteria that could be compromising your indoor air.

Quiet Operation:

In the hot summer months, it is not unusual to hear the drone of air conditioner units in the neighbourhood. While many of us are accustomed to this sound, it can disturb your rest and relaxation. However, Panasonic units are designed to provide almost soundless operation. The noise of indoor units is as quiet as 21bB, which is quiet as a whisper, making them ideal for bedrooms. This allows you to keep the unit throughout the night without it disturbing your sleep.

Panasonic systems are easy to use, and you can rest assured that GasAir has the expertise to assist you with an installation. Our technicians are also fully trained in all aspects of Panasonic air conditioning service and repair. If you would like to find out more about the Panasonic air conditioning range, speak to us today.