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Many property owners are aware that servicing is an important aspect of home maintenance. Unfortunately, there are some who only place a call to us when they need evaporative air conditioning repairs. While the Gas & Air team is always happy to help with any aspect of maintenance or repair, we want our customers to be aware of the important benefits of scheduling an evaporative air conditioning service

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Preventative Maintenance:

One of the main benefits of an evaporative air conditioning service Perth property owners can experience is the opportunity for preventative maintenance. Our technicians are highly skilled and have experience in all aspects of servicing and repair. This means that we take the time to check for components that are worn and are in need of replacement. Even a seemingly minor component can cause serious problems if it fails. This is one of the most common reasons for a system breakdown, and it could leave you feeling the heat if your system fails during the hot summer weather.

Safety First:

In recent months there have been a number of cases of home fires that have been linked to malfunctioning evaporative coolers. CFA Fire Investigators in Melbourne recently found that several fires had been caused by equipment failure and highlighted the importance of regular servicing. While servicing can reduce the risk of a breakdown, it can also prevent problems that can cause electrical faults or a fire. Energy Safety groups have stated that regular servicing not only allows for any adjustments to be performed but also ensures that your system is operating safely.
Fortunately, the team at Gas & Air has the expertise and experience to perform your evaporative air conditioning service and ensure that your equipment is operating safely and delivering peak efficiency. Our technicians will check your system for any worn components, electrical faults and debris compromising air flow that could increase the risk of fire.

Why Gas & Air?:

At Gas & Air, we appreciate that you have a choice of heating and cooling technician, but we want our customers to feel completely assured of our experience and expertise. Our team members have years of experience in the heating and cooling industry; we are also fully licenced and insured. This means that you can have confidence that you will receive a highly professional standard of service for any aspect of your air conditioner maintenance or repairs.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an evaporative air conditioning service, Perth WA property owners should contact us. The Gas & Air team are specialists in evaporative air conditioning service issues, but we can also help with all of your evaporative air conditioning repairs. Our team members are also available to address any queries you may have or schedule your appointment.

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