GasAir appreciates that if you want to be the very best, you need to use the best of the best. For us to deliver the best possible air con service, we need to have confidence that we are installing systems offered by brands with a proven reputation for energy efficiency and reliability. This is why you won’t find any fly by night brands on our air conditioning brands list. We ensure that we know that any brand we recommend to our customers can deliver a high standard of cooling or heating in the tough Australian Climate.

Actron Air:

Actron Air is one of the leading air conditioning brands on the market. The company has an impressive history, offering innovations and clever ideas. From sound reduction and advanced airflow technology, to hard wearing components such as the louvre grill for outdoor units, you can be confident of a hard working and efficient product.


Bonaire air conditioning aims to deliver advanced home cooling and heating solutions that are a perfect fit for the modern lifestyle. With proven technology and user friendly, intelligent systems, you can maximise the energy efficiency of your new air conditioning system and reduce your operating costs.


The Carrier air con product range is also available with a range of additional optional features. This includes clever systems of secondary controllers and Carrier is considered to be a world leader in providing air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating solutions. The brand constantly builds on their long history of innovation with brand new products to improve both efficiency and comfort.


As the #1 Fujitsu air conditioning dealer we pride ourselves in the knowledge and efficiency of their air conditioning systems, from split systems to full ducted solutions, Fujitsu have a solution for every home. Providing Australia with the perfect level of comfort and strong enough to sustain the harsh weather in Perth, Fujtisu is a highly recommended option for anyone looking for a new air conditioner.


Panasonic is a well known name in all aspects of home electronics. However, the use of unique inverter technology to provide optimum performance with minimal power consumption has made Panasonic one of the most respected in the heating and cooling industry. Panasonic also makes our list of the best air conditioning brands as they have introduced new activity sensing technology into their air conditioning systems. This automatically adjusts power according to the level of activity in any zone or room, to save power without compromising on convenience and comfort.


This electronics brand has evolved from a small company to a massive corporation with the vision of trying to make a better world. The heating and cooling sector makes fantastic use of the advanced technology and innovations developed throughout the Samsung brand for a superior product which has minimal environmental impact while delivering excellent solutions to meet your heating and cooling needs. Learn more about Samsung air conditioning.


Toshiba has a reputation for being an industry leader. The brand’s air conditioning range showcases the artistry and innovation Toshiba is well known for. This allows homeowners to enjoy a more comfortable and safer environment without compromising the global environment.

Choosing Between Air Conditioning Brands:

GasAir appreciates that for many homeowners, the process of choosing air conditioning brands can be a little overwhelming. With so many fantastic brands and products to choose from, making the decision is often not that straightforward. However, the GasAir team has the experience and expertise to assess the specific characteristics of your property and advise you of the systems best suited for your needs. If you would like to discuss air conditioning brands, Australia based consumers should speak to us today.